Word from the president

During the 2 years of the global pandemic, survival and resilience, TOP Madagascar has not stopped working to support its members, in partnership with its partners.

TOP Madagascar has been on all fronts: development of a mitigation plan, implementation of health protocols for the tourism sector, public-private dialogue, private-private dialogue, training, workshops.

TOP Madagascar has benefited from the Mandrisika program where it has been able to offer a new showcase for its members through this new website. The objective of this project is to improve the visibility and the communication of our association towards the members, the partners and the general public. This site is now our first tool, and has the ambition to be the referencement par excellence of Malagasy professional tour operators members on the international market.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Minister Joel Randriamandranto, the team of the Mandrisika program via the EDBM and the Project PIC 2.2.

We hope that our new site contributes to the influence of each member in this period of recovery.

I wish a good recovery to all!

Angelo Pierre Rakotonirina
Director of Madagascar Explorer

Operation of the association

14 Panels :


Our missions



Participate in the development of Malagasy tourism

Promote Madagascar as a destination

Our Values

Commitment until the end of your journey... !

Tourism that respects ecological, economic and socio-cultural balances

To clients : professional performance with integrity and honesty; respect and treatment of all individuals equally and with dignity

Towards colleagues : prohibition to denigrate, to seek a commercial advantage at the expense of a colleague

Members who are ambassadors of the country and its tourism industry, and who represent the profession and the institutions concerned with dignity.

Our Activities

Technical training and managerial capacity building for member companies
Development of strategic partnerships
Development of products and promotion of the tourist potential of the regions of Madagascar
Support for young graduates in the tourism sector
Representation to all authorities in charge of tourism development in Madagascar
Participate in local and international events in the sector

Code of Ethics & Commitments

The charter of TOP Madagascar is a document including the ethical code and the commitments to which all members of TOP Madagascar commit themselves to respect. Each new member is asked to read and sign this charter before joining. The ethical code and commitments are focused on 7 major components:

In their professional practice, the members of the association TOP Madagascar take care to privilege a tourism respectful of the ecological, economic and sociocultural balances, to involve the local populations, and to contribute to the economic development.

The members of TOP Madagascar are committed to work with competence and professionalism, honesty and integrity towards the customers, in all the services they have to provide.

Members of TOP Madagascar are committed to respecting a healthy competitive climate, while showing solidarity with their colleagues.

The members of TOP Madagascar commit themselves to the strict respect of the contracts and conventions set up with the partners.

TOP members are the ambassadors of Madagascar and the Malagasy tourism industry, as such, they must act accordingly.

TOP Madagascar encourages its members to comply with the rules of their membership and to respect the decorum during professional discussions

For the proper application of this Code, all powers have been granted to the Ethics Committee.

Our Partners

Admission criteria, membership applications and financial commitments