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10 days

Notes :
Maison Tanimanga : A charming house opened a few years ago at the south exit of Antsirabe, in an authentic rural dwelling making the beautiful part of the highlands. Stone, clay and clay create a delicious atmosphere here. The seven rooms are known as endemic trees and shrubs, like the baobab, hasina, or ananambo. Member of the Association des Gîtes, Maisons d ‘hôtes et de charme de Madagascar (AGMHCM), the establishment follows a specific charter: The guarantee of sleeping in the home in a certain comfort.

Thermal Hôtel
: Each of our spacious room is equiped with air con, an italian shower, a safe, a minibar and a television (but who needs it with that kind of a view?). Wifi and laundry service too.

Tsara camp
: TSARA CAMP has varied and spectacular surroundings, illuminated by red and ochre lights, such as in a Western movie! The Lodge is settled in a half-circle, looking as Far West wagons around the campfire! The Tsaranoro valley is just a paradise for nature, mountain, and photography lovers ! The Lodge is close to 3 scenic waterfalls, the Zomandao river is flowing all along this valley.

Satrana Lodge
: As you approach by road the lodge blends superbly into the surrounding area tucked beneath a sandstone massif. Each of the 40 tents follows the classical Botswana Meru tent design and is set on a raised platform. The interior is stylishly decorated with a twin/double bed, wooden floors and traditional carpets. The tents also contain a full length mirror as well a writing desk and safe. The bathroom has two sinks and, very unusually for Madagascar, both inside and outside shower facilities. In the evenings we suggest you sit back on your verandah, take a drink and admire the spectacular view. The restaurant/bar area makes the most of this impressive scenery with huge bay windows and
offers excellent Malagasy and French cuisine. The lodge also contains a small library as well as a decent sized swimming pool.

Dunes hôtel
: overlooking the Mozambique Channel, up the fishermen’s village Mangily, This charming hotel complex, with its 19 villas and 22 deluxe rooms, amidst a calm tropical park, Offers you the enjoyment of the lagoon, its large corral reef and excursions into the famous Baobab forest.
All rooms are equipped with fans. Bathrooms of 8 square meters size are equipped with sink, WC and warm water shower.
This romantic hotel has assigned a lot attention to the small details, creating a uniquely comfortable atmosphere. It consists of 19 spacious, stone villas, hinting at a partial sea-view. Dry stones from the region adorn the building walls and the frame is made up of Katrafay round wood and other essences from the southern part of Madagascar. All the roofing is composed of a double layer of vondry (a traditional Malagasy fibre) with waterproofing measures having been taken. The floors of the rooms, terraces and main building room are made up of vast Anakaraka wooden slats. All the windows are similarly made up of Anakaraka wood, giving the hotel a real sense of authenticity. The villas offer ensuite bathrooms with rain

shower, TV and private terrace. The hotel offers furthermore 11 Superior rooms and 11 Standard rooms,
which are in the garden area and have access to the pool as well as the beach close by.

Transfer from your hotel to the airport and flight to the Southern. Welcome by the hotel staff and transfer to the beach hôtel.
Diner & night at
Dunes Hôtel

Several activities are posible : deep sea fishing, scuba diving , quad, snorkeling, biking, walking
Diner & night at Dunes Hôtel

After the breakfast, meeting with your guide for breathing about the trip. Let’s drive to reach the first national
park. The beach area is behind us extended by an underwater beach along the continental shelf that slopes
gently seaward. A nearby barrier reef (the Great Reef) is 18 km long and 3 km wide. To the north lies the Delta
Fiherenana. We leave the capital of the Atsimo-Andrefana region, located 936 km southwest of national
capital Antananarivo. The landscape starts with savannah & bush. Toliara is located on a broad coastal plain,
surrounded by dunes and mangroves, near the Tropic of Capricorn in the Mozambique Channel.
Free lunch.
Diner & night at
Satrana Lodge

All day for the exploration : according to your fitness. Différent local tours inside the park are available and
proposed :
Canyon des Makis, canyon des rats…
Cascade des nymphes
La piscine naturelle
Grottes des Portugais
Free lunch
Diner & night at
Satrana Lodge

Softly, after breakfast, we drive to Ambalavao. The city is in the most southern part of the Central Highlands,
according to the timing we may visit the famous paper introduced by the Arabs. From here we reach the
Tsaranoro Valley. Tsaranoro circumscribes the Tsaranoro Massif, located on the outskirts of Andringitra
National Park in southern Madagascar.
Free lunch on the way. The spectacular rock walls of the massif and the
mindblowingly beautiful valley offer numerous climbing routes and hiking trails.
Diner & night at
Tsara Camp

In the Morning, let’s make a balade inside the valley. The Tsaranoro Valley is a walkers paradise, an ideal
location for individual day treks or guided multi-day expeditions with overnight camping. The treks lead
through open savanna and tropical humid or dry forest. Tsaranoro is the primary habitat for
. Various species of falcon, snakes, lizards, chameleons and plenty of orchids can be found. Free
lunch on the way
. On the afternoon, we drive to get in Ranomafana.
Diner & night at
Thermal hôtel

Ranomafana, the second spa town of the Island. Ranomafana National Park is in the southeastern part of
Madagascar, tropical rainforest, it is home to several rare species of flora and fauna including the golden
bamboo lemur, the greater bamboo lemur, black and white ruffed lemur and Milne-Edwards sifaka, and over
130 species of frogs. The park was established in 1991 with the purpose of conserving the unique biodiversity
of the local ecosystem and reducing the human pressures on the protected area. It is part of the World
Heritage Site Rainforests of the Atsinanana. The most important crops are bananas and rice, while other
important agricultural products are pineapple and cassava Free lunch.
Diner & night at
Thermal hôtel

Softly, after breakfast, we leave Ranomafana and drive to Ambositra is the capital of the Amoron'i Mania
region, and of Ambositra District. It is the centre of Madagascar's' wood-carving industry due to the presence
of the Zafimaniry tribe, a subgroup of the Betsileo tribe. There are many shops selling wooden boxes,
chessboards and figurines : belongs to world heritage.
Free lunch. Arriving in Antsirabe the capital of
Vakinankaratra, wich is situated in the central highlands of Madagascar. The region covers an area of
16,599 km2 (6,409 sq mi), making it the third least extensive region in Madagascar. It borders the region of
Bongolava in the northwest, Itasy in the north, Analamanga in the northeast, Alaotra Mangoro and Atsinanana
in the east, Amoron'i Mania in the south, and Menabe to the west. This town is regarded as the ‘poussepousse‘ capital (rickshaw)
Diner & night at
Maison Tanimanga

Antsirabe is known for its relatively cool climate (as the rest of the central region of the country), its industry
and the high concentration of pulled rickshaws . You may rent a bike the the city tour, the hot spring city with
its rickshaws, semiprecious stones, lakes… Limestone and sulphur were exploited can be visited.
The city was founded by Norwegian missionary T.G. Rosaas in 1872 as a hill station to serve as a retreat centre
because of the much cooler climate. The thermal baths were opened in 1917. The city has the nicknames ville
d'eau ('city of water' in French) and visy gasy or le Vichy malgache ('the Malagasy Vichy' in Malagasy and
French respectively), referring to the presence of multiple thermal springs in the area.
Several water-filled craters are found in the area around Antsirabe, including
Lake Tritriva to the south-west.
There are hot springs which are utilised by the Ranomafana thermal bath in the city.
Diner & night at
Maison Tanimanga

The Last day to drive the mytik national 07, departure to the capita, we leave the first spa town of
Madagascar. Throughout the country landscape villages, we will see some of typical teracce of ricefields
especially in the malagasy highlands. We may have a stp to visit a smelter foundry relates to a method for
providing plastic cookware. Free lunch on the way. Depending on the timing, day use in you hotel or transfer
to the airport.

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