River trip and Tsingy of Bemaraha

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In the West part of Madagascar, you can experience the real adventure. Paddle trough the Tsiribihina River with a traditional canoe in three days. The meandering, but peaceful river gives you the opportunity to experience the real Madagasc
ar with the isolated villages, where you’ll meet happy children and other local people. If you are lucky you might spot crocodiles, lemurs and other wildlife in their natural environment.
After the campfires under of bright stars and nights in tent, you’ll visit in the Tsingy de Bemaraha, the huge limestone forest. There you can climb way through the chaotic razor-sharp pinnacles and narrow caves, all the way to the top. Surely the famous Avenue the Baobabs cannot be excluded.

Drive to Antsirabe, towards the South. The road lingers through the hilly terraced highland and you will pass through the village of Ambatolampy, where you can visit an aluminum pot atelier.

Antsirabes streets are buzzing with colorful pousse-pousses, the local rickshaws. Antsirabe is a important industrial centre, where you can explore the craft shops and view some architecture from the colonial times.

Drive to Miandrivazo. Upon arrival at the village you will have time to explore the area.

Beginning of the calm river journey on the majestic Tsiribihina River, using traditional boats made out of one trunk of wood (pirogue). The trip is restful and you can just relax when nature is passing by. If you like some exercise you can help the boatmen peddle. There is possibility to spot the birds, lemurs and sometimes even the crocodiles. We also pass by some villages, where you can meet local people and see their everyday chores. End of the days, before the nightfall, we make our camp on the riverbank and enjoy the campfire, a good meal and a sky full of stars.

Break in the Anosin’ Ampela, the beatiful waterfall, where you can wash and refresh yourself during the trip.

During the two and half days we will pass through diverse landscapes, isolated natural wilderness, reminding you how far away you are from home. Overall there is two nights in tent. After the river trip you’ll stay in a normal hotel.

Drive to Bekopaka crossing the two river Tsiribihina and Manambolo by ferry boat.

Tsingy De Bemaraha is the enormous UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the limestone plateau. Tsingy is the karstic plateau, which the groundwater is turned into the sharp limestones.

In the Tsingy you can pass your way trough the narrow rocks, low caves and high sharps all the way to the top. There is couple of walk circuits with bridges, ladders, steps and cables for the harness.

You can also visit in the small Tsingy; which close of the village. Optional, it is possible to hire a traditional pirogue and visit in the Gorge of Manambolo.

Back to Morondava, crossing again two rivers with ferry boat. End of the afternoon, you’ll witness the sunset at the Avenue of the Baobabs.

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