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  • Baobab Alley
  • Tsingy of Bemaraha : grand tsingy, Manambolo river
  • Kirindy forest : night and day walks





Meet and transfer to your hotel. Accommodation on bed and breakfast at BOIS VERT

Transfer to the airport of Antananarivo and fly to Morondava

Arrive in Morondava , meet at the airport and drive to the baobab Alley

Enjoy the sunset at the famous Alley of baobab which is classified as natural monument .

Then drive to your hotel

Accommodation on half board basis at KIMONY RESORT

Early departure to enjoy the sunrise at the Baobab alley .Then continuation to Tsimafanathrough the dry forest of Kirindy . Later on  crossing by ferry to Belo/Tsiribihina , lunch  at your own account and continuation to Andadoany through the savanna and tamarind or mango trees . Second crossing by ferry on Manambolo river to Bekopaka ,

Accommodation at your hotels on half board basis (4 nights) – OLYMPE DE BEMARAHA or alternative

Breakfast at the hotel.  Full day spent for exploring the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park.

Early morning departure to the Grand Tsingy for amazing this site which is classified among the world heritage.

The Tsingy de Bemaraha is among the most wonderful National Park to  be visited in Madagascar. This is the biggest protected area of the island and is classified a Natural World Heritage by Unesco. Among the most spectacular sites to be visited in this park is the Grand Tsingy with its different hikes and walk through caves and labyrinths. In the forest canyons, the Tsingy de Bemaraha has its endemic species among the Madagascar wildlife: the Decken’sSifakas, the Schlegel’s Asity, the local endemic nocturnal mouse Lemurs: the Pygmy mouse Lemurs (MicrocebusMyoxinus)…

Interests 30 Meters high cracks, forest’s canyon where lives lemurs and birds…where the flora is truly unique with its endemic and medicinal plants, caves, cathedral of rocks, the infinite view on the highest roof of the Big Tsingy…

Breakfast at the hotel.Morning visit of the Gorge of Manambolo aboard on a local pirogue.

Also keep your eye on the Fish eagle which enjoy the sun bath on the rocks

Then visit of the small Tsingy, which is just next to gorge of the Manambolo River, you can visit the Petit Tsingy which are labyrinths of sharped rocks.

Interest : labyrinth of limestone, 2 view points on the limestone pinnacle formation, the biggest Sifaka of the West of Madagascar called Decken’sSifaka, red fronted brown Lemurs, Birds species, spiders …
This tour is a perfect circle which finishes on the Manambolo River’s gorge

After the breakfast drive back to Belo sur Tsiribhina. Lunch en route  at your own account and cross by ferry to Tsiamafana

Continuation by car to Kirindy Forest. Enjoy the afternoon walk through the dry forest which is followed by the night walk. With Chance you may see theMalagasy  Fossa (or Malagasy puma -Cryptoproctaferox .

Kirindy is the best place to also the Giant Jumping Rat (Hypogeomysantimena)  ,one of the most endangered mammals in Madagascar. The park is also home to the world’s smallest primate – Madame Berthe’s Mouse Lemur.

Accommodation on half board basis at RELAIS DE KIRINDY or alternative

Kirindy Forest or Kirindy Private Reserve is a private park situated in the western Madagascar, 50 km northeast of the town of Morondava.
During day walks there is an excellent chance of seeing VerreauxSifaka and Red Fronted Brown lemurs and at night Pale Fork-marked Lemurs, Giant Dwarf Lemurs and Fat-tailed Dwarf Femurs. There is also a great variety of bird life as well as geckos and chameleons
The forest was earlier operated as an experimental sustainable timber harvesting scheme, which has not left indelible scars on the region. Most of the canopy top is about 14 meters in height, but in wetter parts (e.g. in riparian zones) it may almost triple in vertical extent. There are three species of baobab trees present: Adansoniagrandidieri, Adansoniarubrostipa and Adansoniaza.
Kirindy Forest, approximately 100 km² in area, may be best known as the only location where the endangered giant jumping rat (Hypogeomysantimena) occurs. This animal can hop like a miniature kangaroo, but is also seen walking on all four limbs. There are a number of species of nocturnal lemurs present: Madame Berthe's mouse lemur (the world's smallest primate), red-tailed sportive lemur, pygmy mouse lemur, gray mouse lemur, pale fork-marked lemur, Coquerel's giant mouse lemur and the fat-tailed dwarf lemur. Further mammalian species of fossa, narrow-striped mongoose, Verreaux'ssifaka, common tenrec, greater hedgehog tenrec and red-fronted brown lemur are also found here.
Some of the local reptiles present are: Labord's chameleon, various plated lizards, Henkel's leaf-tailed gecko, big-headed gecko, Madagascar ground boa, giant hog-nosed snake, spear-nosed snake and kapidolo.

Breakfast at the hotel, Transfer to the airport and flight back to Antananarivo.               

Meet and transfer to your hotel.

Accommodation on bed and breakfast at LES 3 METIS or alternative

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